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IAM solutions development and deployment

We have 15+ years of experience in IAM implementations, where we developed an agile methodology to ensure quality and success in our projects, in small to large organizations.

Increase security and reduce operational costs

The rise of cloud technologies and the need to manage identities and control access of contractors, suppliers, partners and customers has extended the control perimeter, increasing risk and operational costs. Today organizations require a platform to support these new requirements, increasing security and reducing costs.

Business benefits

Among different benefits offered by this type of solutions, we can highlight: Increased user productivity, reduction of IT operational costs, improved user experience, simplification of audit and reports, increased security and risk reduction.

Type of projects we implement:

Identity Management (IDM)

Manage the entire user lifecycle, from the moment she joins the organization until the employment relationship ends.

Access Management (AM)

Web access control, Single Sign On (SSO), standards-based federation (SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect) and reverse proxy.

Event Management (SIEM)

Implementation of platforms for event management and correlation. Configuration of retention policies, reporting and dashboards.

Identity & Access Governance (IAG)

Roles lifecycle management, separation of duties, access and data certification campaigns. Orphan accounts analysis.

IAM technologies we work with

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